It's time to make Raleigh 'The People's Capitol'


I am seeking election to the North Carolina State Senate for one fundamental 

reason -- the people of North Carolina deserve forward-looking leaders in the North Carolina General Assembly. 

To ensure that the poor, the vulnerable, and those living paycheck-to-paycheck -- that is, a majority of the people I know -- have a better shot at providing for themselves and their families, we need a state senator that has the interests of all citizens at heart.

I was raised to believe that we must consider the question, “Who is our brother (or sister)?” This is North Carolina. Certainly, most of the residents know the origin of that question and the proper response: Each human being is our brother and sister. I believe it’s important a state senator not only understand that, but vote accordingly.

I will work to expand Medicaid. I will fight for our teachers to see that they are treated with dignity through proper pay, proper per-pupil funding, and true control of their own classrooms. Our state is 46th in the nation in per-pupil spending. I will not rest until North Carolina is number one in the nation. Our families deserve no less.

I will make it a priority to protect the natural beauty that draws so many people to our state as new residents or tourists. The climate crisis is real and there are many steps we can take to ensure that North Carolina and our communities in these beautiful mountains are able to sustain themselves through bold adaptation of renewable energy, farm cooperatives, and proper funding to fight pollution and polluters.

When I moved to North Carolina in 1974, it was the most progressive state in the south. We had great schools and roads. We cared about the environment. The leaders of the General Assembly worked together for all the people of North Carolina. That is the state my granddaughter deserves, and why I seek to represent my neighbors in Avery, Burke and Caldwell counties in the North Carolina State Senate.

Please visit the rest of this website to learn how, by working together, me can make the North Carolina General Assembly “The People’s Capitol."


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