Voting rights

Protecting Voting Rights is My Top Priority

Well, the Raleigh Republicans have submitted yet another congressional map to try and satisfy judges growing weary with the GOP’s endless and obstinate gerrymandering.

Aren’t we all, by now?

During the past several years, North Carolina Republicans have launched a shameful and shameless assault upon voting rights in North Carolina not seen since before the passage of the Voting Rights Act by Congress in 1965.

The long story made short is this -- because of their vile attacks upon our Republic’s most important and precious right, courts have ruled that our state House and Senate maps, as well as Congressional maps were gerrymandered by the GOP and had to be repaired. From drawing “ink-spot” districts and placing further restrictions upon voters, the GOP has done all it can to suppress -- and hence render useless -- roughly half of North Carolina’s voters.

It’s time for the Republicans to be sent home packing. Citizens of the United States should not have to petition the courts to exercise their most fundamental right, especially roughly 150 years after the ratification of the 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, a century after the ratification of the 19th Amendment, and more than 50 years after passage of the Voting Rights Act.

Yet, they do.

I believe the people deserve better. They deserve representatives in Raleigh who will vigorously defend their voting rights, not come up with schemes to nullify voting rights. It is my view that elected officials are charged with representing all of the people. They certainly shouldn’t be in the business of selecting the people that will vote for them. It’s supposed to work the other way around.

Hence I support the following campaign reforms:

1. Appointing independent, nonpartisan panels to draw the state’s congressional and legislative districts without regard to party or race;

2. Term limits;

3. Easing ballot-access restrictions for so-called third parties;

4. Counter efforts by Republicans to make One-Stop or “early” voting precincts inconvenient for voters.

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One of the main reasons I filed for office was so that I could help eliminate voter suppression and gerrymandering. 

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