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With Your Money

I acknowledge that the cost of campaigns is shameful. The amount of cash required to run for office is beyond reasonable.

Yet, it is also the reality. So, as much as I’d rather see money go to the poor and vulnerable directly, if we are going to have policies designed to protect them and address the Tar Heel state’s other vital issues, I’m going to need your support. Today.

By law, you can give up to $5,400. I’ll take that if you have it! But if you don’t have it, contribute what you can. Because I’m seeking office in 2020, we’ll ask that you give $20.20 at least once a month beginning now until next year. We have other options as well. We are looking for 20 people to contribute at least $100 and agree to find another 20 people to do the same. 

Of course, we’ll rely upon traditional fundraising, but we also plan concerts that will provide you with an opportunity to hear some great music, join in a talking circle where we all are equal in sharing and hearing our thoughts, and contribute to our campaign if you wish.

I know times are tough for many people. They are for our family. We understand what it is to live paycheck to paycheck -- to struggle to keep your car running while you are paying medical bills. You have friends and relatives in the same situation. So this I pledge: I will be a good steward of every dime.


With Your Time and Talents

As important as cash is for the campaign, so too are your time and talents. We are running a true grassroots campaign. This is a people’s movement. We need to reach every single voter that we can. 

I believe with all my heart that our neighbors know it’s time for a change. So, if you can’t give me cash, give me your heart. With it, your time and talents won’t go to waste. They will help make a better North Carolina.

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