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Representing my constituency

The People's Capitol

We have entered a season in our which our local and state political bodies have become pawns in our increasingly partisan national debates. As a result, the voters are no longer the first priority of many elected representatives. I will not let this be the case with me. I have promised to help make the North Carolina General Assembly known as “The People’s Capitol.” Here’s how:


Get to work in Raleigh from Day 1

We can no longer have marathon legislative sessions as has been the case in 2019. Taking up nearly the entire calendar year is ridiculous. The business of the people, if tackled with sincerity and focus, can be addressed in a few months.

I will be present in Avery, Burke and Caldwell counties

While I eagerly look forward to making a difference in Raleigh, I also promise a strong and consistent presence in the District to meet with constituents. When not in Raleigh, I will have Town Hall style meetings in various locations throughout the district every month.


I will listen and respond

While I seek office with confidence, it is because I believe in the people of the District. I will eagerly welcome input from citizens. I will listen to solicited and unsolicited counsel. I will respond to all citizens.


Be an active Senator

Much work is to be done to return North Carolina to a state that is meeting the needs of all of our citizens. Hence, I must stay informed about the vital topics of the day, and keep an open mind in doing so. I am willing to ask the tough questions, as I’ve proven throughout my life. 


An Open Door in Raleigh

Every citizen has the right to meet with their elected officials. Should my neighbors send me to Raleigh, I’ll make sure that whatever a person’s reason, they will always be welcome in their office -- in The People’s Capitol. 

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